Thermal Solutions

Thermal engineering is a broad field of engineering in dealing with heating and cooling techniques, in which heat transfer is central. Bringing together 2 mediums with different temperatures causes a thermal transfer from hot to cold. Here the goal can be to heat one medium, to cool the other medium or a combination of both.

Regulating the right temperature is essential in many applications, including the electrical industry. Think, for example, of battery packs that produce a lot of heat during heavy loads.

For many applications Ccs oil coolers has a solution where a standard cooler can be used. However, a limitation of space, dusty environment, installation, connection positions and / or extremely high capacities can ensure that a standard cooler does not offer a solution. In this case a piece of customization needs to be delivered.

beyond this, counterwords are made more demanding in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and safety. Ccs oil coolers also has a solution for this.

In the offshore industry, mechanical components are to a large extent in direct contact with aggressive substances, such as salt water. The combination of high temperatures and a very high relative humidity is destructive for components that are used in offshore. The risk of corrosion increases even further when these conditions are combined with small spaces (slit action, capillary action) where little oxygen can enter. Most coolers are provided with a lacquer layer. This has more of a cosmetic than a protective function. However, a cooler can also be equipped with a PTFE layer (Teflon). This protects the cooler against chemical agents (eg sea salt). This prevents corrosion and therefore prolongs the life of the cooler. PTFE also has non-stick properties and is resistant to temperatures up to 250 ° C.

In terms of energy efficienc, IE2 and IE3 engines are currently mostly used.

Ccs oil coolers also produces oil coolers, intercoolers and radiators made to measure, possibly combi coolers where the different types are next to each other is also possible.

When you supply us with the sizes of the cooler and the location of the connections, we can offer a complete cooler for this.
These coolers are made from an aluminum bar and plate cooling block.

When it comes to multiple numbers, we also provide a capacity calculation and a 3D drawing of the product.