CPC - Series

FEATURES OF THE CPC - Series (4 to 37 kW)

  • A combined air-cooled heat exchanger for oil and compressed air.
  • Can be exposed to operating pressures of up to 15 bar.
  • The heat is transferred from the cooling medium to the ambient air.
  • Robust "bar and plate" cooler with solid solid tanks for great durability.
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications in medium and upper performance classes from 4 to 37 kW.

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AKG CPC-series Compressor coolers

Technical Data CPC3 combicooler screw compressor AKG

Oilflow (optimal) 33 L/min
Maximum working pressure 14 bar (g)
Weight 13.8 kg

technical drawing CPC3 combicooler screw compressor AKG

Product codes CPC3 combicooler screw compressor AKG

  CCS no. AKG nr. (Old) AKG nr. (New)
CPC3 Complete

Description Value
Manufacturer AKG
Maximum working pressure 14
Weight 13.8
Oilflow (optimal) 33
Environment Default
Airflow N.v.t.
Voltage N.v.t.
Connection Default