AKG-Line H (standard)


  • Can be exposed to operating pressures of up to 26 bar or 17 bar, depending on model.
  • High-Performance cooling assemblies.
  • The heat is transferred from the medium to the ambient air.
  • Cooler can be universally used in hydraulic oil, transmission oil, engine oil, lubricating oil and coolant circuits.
  • For the cooling of mineral oil, synthetic oil, biological oil as well as of HFA, HFB, HFC and HFD liquids and water with at least 50%of antifreeze and anticorrosive additives [other media available at request].
  • Hydraulic motor powered fan.

PDF datasheet
Datasheet AKG-Line H Oil cooler hydraulic fan

Technical Data H65B oil cooler AKG

Volume 7.5 liter
Maximum working pressure 26 bar (g)
Weight 53 kg
Fan ø 530 mm
Airflow Blowing
Noise level 81 dB

technical drawing H65B oil cooler AKG

Product codes H65B oil cooler AKG

  CCS no. AKG nr. (Old) AKG nr. (New)
H65B Complete 2045.170.1000 1964.017.X084 1101344100
Cooler 6010.130.0000 1963.005.1X84 1100891200
Foot 7810.020.0000 1963.002.7200 1400157500
Shroud 7410.030.0000 1963.004.4010 1500156000
Fan 7250.052.5550 8400.338.0525 1500395600
Fingerguard 7610.040.0000 8402.080.0000 1500417200
Motor 7060.011.3002 8407.470.0044 1500464900

Description Value
Airflow Blazend
Low noise NO
Volume 7.5
Maximum working pressure 26
Weight 53
Motor size 11
minimum speed 1000
Max speed 3000
Nominal speed 1500
maximum motor pressure [bar] 250
Fan ø 530
Noise level 81
Environment Default
Connection Default
Voltage N.v.t.